Programs and Forms

Program information is collected using forms which you set up.

Example 'Create a Program' Button

Simple program creation

Your team members will have no problems starting instantly. After logging in, a customized front page will display a large “Create a Program” button, which will take them through the steps of completing a program form.

Adding a Question

Customize the information that you collect with forms

Forms are simply a collection of questions which you set up. You can create as many different kinds of forms as you would like. Different groups can have different forms or share common forms. Currently, you can create long answer questions, short answer questions, or create a list of pre-defined responses for your question.

Privacy levels for form responses

It is understandable to have specific information which you would like to collect, but would not like to share. As an example, you might like to collect budget information, but you do not want to share it publicly. For these cases, you can select access levels for the responses. Currently you can have responses shared with everyone, shared only with group members who have access to the form, or shared with collaborators and group administrators.

Example of a Tag Cloud

Find other similar programs

Tagging programs helps organize them into categories. Because tags link programs across the entire community, you can browse programs from other people who have worked on interesting topics.

Example Notes

Notes and attachments aren’t just for groups

In addition to collecting responses to questions, you can also attach notes and files to a program. Notes help collaborators stay informed on a project and also create an archive of the material used to create the program. When you create an attached note, it is instantly shared with the other people who are working on the program. The program page becomes the central place to find the latest copy of the budget or the graphic files that you are using for the project. Archiving documents such as catering request memos or photos of the event, help others in your organization who want to re-create your success in the future.

Example: Creating a program form question.
Example: attaching notes to a program page.