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Farewell Moment


Sun, Jun 08, 2014 6:00 PM

Take the time to visit over ice cream and share moments learned and loved while on the floor this year. Lets take a floor picture to commemorate our awesomeness

Destress lets Talk


Mon, Jun 02, 2014 9:00 PM

Move out meeting, De-stress meeting, handout scantrons for tests. Help educate residents on how to sleep well, eat well during finals week

Happy Birthday Cal Poly!


Fri, Jun 06, 2014 4:00 PM

The 75th anniversary of Cal Poly's start will be celebrated by many fun activities, live music, and amazing food! Come out and celebrate with us!

Movie Night


Thu, Jun 05, 2014 9:00 PM

A night for residents to come out and enjoy a movie of their choice! Like always, wings and pizza will be provided for their enjoyment.

Bloody Moon


Mon, Apr 14, 2014 11:33 PM

Residents got to see an amazing astronomical phenomenon that is seen after long periods of time: the Blood Moon.

E2W forever!


Thu, Jun 05, 2014 8:00 PM

This program will be a good bye program for my residents. this will give them an opportunity to gather as a hall and reflect on the cool things that they learned and experienced this year. This program will be the last program of the year and it will hopefully solidify their friendships enough to last through their college experience. Residents will also write down recommendations and tips for ...

Waffle Houses

Students can build houses out of waffles and use toppings and sweet things to decorate them. Very similar to gingerbread houses but with waffles! This is a great way for students to have fun and relieve stress through creativity.

Holiday Ornaments

To get students in the holiday spirit I will be holding an event where they can decorate ornaments and dreidels. The ornaments will be plain so they can decorate them with glitter, puff paint, etc. The dreidels will have the Hebrew symbols on them but can still be decorated with puff paint. Students can make things to decorate their apartment or make them as gifts for the holiday season.

Being Broke Ain't No Joke!


Sun, Jun 15, 2014 11:00 AM

(Job Searching & Resume Builder)

Need extra cash for the summer or during the school year? Come out & get some help with your resume...
apply for jobs online.

B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bowl)


Tue, Jun 03, 2014 8:00 PM

A fun activity where residents can bring their own bowls (or bowls will be provided for those that do not have their own bowl) and come eat some cereal with fellow residents and have a good time.

End of the Year Celebration


Thu, Jun 05, 2014 8:00 PM

We will be celebrating the end of the year with pizza, wings, drinks, desserts, and fun.

Get Motivated! Get Active! Get Involved!


Mon, May 19, 2014 6:00 PM

The West Lothian RAs will be tabling in the Lothian lobby passing out flyers from various student organizations on campus. These flyers will have facts on them to inform the residents of how they can get involved or continue to be involved in student organizations even after moving out of the residence halls. Ultimately, this program is meant to get the attention of residents walking by and enc...

Painting with a Twist @ The DOL


Thu, Jul 10, 2014 2:00 PM

Residents painting a picture of their choice, while they are drinking a beverage which they provide.

Father's Day t-shirts


Wed, Jun 04, 2014 12:00 PM

Made father's day t-shirts for the residents to send to their dads.

Cinco De Mayo


Mon, May 05, 2014 8:00 PM

This is an event that will discuss what Cinco De Mayo really is (not Mexican Independence day) as well as to raise alcohol awareness.

Farewell Fling


Tue, Jun 03, 2014 5:00 PM

This will be a celebration of the end of their first year of college. There will be games, food and socializing.

De-stress for your test!


Mon, Jun 02, 2014 8:15 PM

Learn about and receive items that will help you study for finals. Participate in fun games that work your brain, yet help you relax.

Turn Up the Town


Sat, May 03, 2014 5:30 PM

Had resident who wanted to, volunteer to go out in the town and promote University Crossing. There was food and other fun things for residents to enjoy as well.

Mother's Day Cards


Mon, May 05, 2014 1:00 PM

Had a station set up for residents to make cards for their moms.

Wii Party Dance Off


Fri, May 02, 2014 3:00 PM

Had Pizza and other snacks for residents to come and hang out with friends. Had a Wii dance game so residents can meet new people and have a blast.