Peering into the GEMS Consciousness: A Multiversal Dialogue /programs/95-peering-into-the-gems-consciousness-a-multiversal-dialogue


This gives residents an opportunity to learn about several different aspects of not only the GEMS program, but diversity in general. And because it is being co-programmed with the GEMS club we able to combine our resources and provide a vegan-friendly dinner to all who attend.
Don't miss this opportunity to reunite with GEMS alumni, students and faculty to have in depth discussions and panel workshops on the symbolization of GEMS
consciousness. Panels will include teaching, community projects, non-profit, conflict resolution and more.
Food will be provided.
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Located in JAVA.********<>

When: Thu, Mar 05, 2009 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST

Where: Other

Who organized the event

Resident Assistant

Detailed description

GEMS Faculty, GEMS Club. The program grew out of a relationship established the previous quarter with Dr. Mary Danico. She provided connections for Pati and Ryan to get in touch with the GEMS Club who had the idea of co-programming this event to connect the Residence Halls with the GEMS program and the Multicultural global community as well.

Active or Passive?



Multicultural/Diversity Awareness

Faculty Participant

The program will be attended and facilitated by several faculty members of the GEMS program; Dr. Defreitas, Dr. Dixon, Dr. Humbert, Gilbert Cadena. It is also being co-programmed/co-sponsored by the GEMS Club. Connecting with campus community FTW.

Faculty involvement