Everything you wish you knew as a freshman

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This program is designed to give first year residents (and second, third, etc...) all the tips that can help them make the best of their experience in College. It goes into detail on how to get the classes you want/need and exactly how to get on your teacher's good side.

When: Wed, Feb 04, 2009 7:00 PM - 7:30 AM PST

Where: Cedritos

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Resident Assistant

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I first saw this program done at SRAP. It is actually the one that won first place for programs! I learned a lot from this program and I hope that I will be able to teach my residents all the cool things that I learned. There was a powerpoint used and I made my own to use as well. Basically this program is aimed towards my first year residents and is designed for them to get inside tips on here to do well here. IT goes from how to get the best price on textbooks to how to get all the classes the actually WANT.

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