Door Decorations of Diversity /programs/5807-door-decorations-of-diversity


Combination Door Decoration passive to promote and create awareness about diversity throughout the wing.

When: Thu, Sep 23, 2010 6:57 PM - Fri, Dec 10, 2010 6:58 PM PST

Where: Cedritos

Needs Assessment

None were done since this was done before the residents arrived for the Fall.

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The materials for the door decorations and passive all came from the Java resource loft. All materials were from trash for teaching.

The informational pieces were from the following web address which was found on the Cal Poly Pomona website:

The quotes for each door dec was simply found online with a Google search.

See the attached images for more details about how the door decorations were assembled.

The purpose was to create a theme that spanned the hall on every residents' door with a centralized passive board. The decorations are fun to look at, but one (hopefully) would begin to ask why the decorations are done in such a way. The main passive board is there to address that question and provide more information beyond that question concerning the topic.

The main explanation residents read for their door decorations (posted on the passive):

"Your door decorations are a simplified example of what Diversity or Multiculturalism is and how you play a role. The decoration can be broken down into three parts:
1. The background cloth - This cloth is colorful, wrinkled, ripped and for the most part completely random. This is supposed to represent the "background" and the uniqueness every person has. This "fabric" each person has is different, but may also have similarities, which is analogous to the similar patters all the door decorations have. These similarities and differences embody diversity and Multiculturalism through experiences, abilities, faith, ethnicity, nationality, and so many others.

2. The person/face - Notice other door decorations up and down the hall. Each one is uniquely drawn (trust me I would know), with every perfection and imperfection from the outlines down to the shading. This is the external appearance of diversity and Multiculturalism; an (almost) unchangeable expression of one part of that person's diversity.

3. The eyes - A convenient place for the names of course, but also a place where some information (sometimes most) is brought into and analyzed. The question is How are you perceived by others with different experiences, cultures, faiths, and overall backgrounds? How do you perceive them? Are you even aware of them? "

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Since these were my very first set of door decorations I proceeded to hand draw every single one (about 20) which consumed too much time. I would recommend creating 5-6 templates and then switching up the colors or adding minor features to make all the decorations feel unique.

Another feature that did not get implemented (due to time constraints) was using cotton balls to create a cloudy-thought effect for the quotes about the door decorations.

For the passive I would recommend taking the statistics and making them more visual rather than being simple snippets of information.

For the passive I would use a larger (or even a hand drawn) map to point out where the cultural centers and other resources are located. Possibly including larger logos and images of these resources might help too.