Raising Money through Raising Awareness

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Drop off your recyclable bottles and cans at the front desk of the lobby to help our building go Green as well as raise money for our hall

When: Tue, Jan 03, 2012 4:38 PM - Fri, Mar 16, 2012 4:38 PM PDT

Where: Cedritos

Needs Assessment

There are a lot of bottles and cans thrown away or are not properly recycled. Based on the positive feedback from the first quarter we recycled, paired with participation in Bottle Wars, we decided to continue this program into Winter and Spring Quarter.

Type of program

Community Development

Learning Outcomes

Global Citizenship


Word of mouth, facebook posts

Program Description

We told the residents to drop off their RINSED OUT bottles and cans to the front desk where the FDA's would separate them into different bags for the different recycling categories: Plastic, Plastic 2 (milk carton type bottles), glass (green, clear, brown), and aluminum.

We were able to grab large trash bags from our custodial staff to make transporting the bottles easier.

After getting more than 8-10 bags full or recycled items (or till the room gets too packed) we transport the recycle to a recycling center called SA Recycling LLC. Located on 11614 East End Ave, Chino CA 91710. Their number is 909-643-2402.

The transporting vehicle was trucks of residents who volunteered to take it, and out of the money we get from the recycling, we reimbursed them for gas.

We usually make around $100 per quarter. :)

RLT Group

Resident Assistant

Faculty or Staff Participation


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Weekend Program



Be more on top of sorting the bottles prior to transport. Find a second truck, just in case. Put extra emphasis on recycling, or even put a recycling bin or extra reminders in the kitchen or doors so people do not throw their bottles outside as opposed to bringing them to the front desk.