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Residents will bring a dish that has cultural meaning pertaining to them, their heritage, and/or their family. Then they'll be able to discuss among one another the importance of the multicultural aspect.

When: Sat, Mar 10, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM PST

Where: Red Room

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Each apartment will be asked to bring a dish and RSVP. Then the apartments committed will give their RA a modest grocery list of what they will need to prepare their dish(es). Residents will be informed that this is designed to be a cultural educational experience, and to plan to share why they have brought their specific dish. Groceries will be delivered to participating apartments prior to the event, with time to prepare them (most likely the day before). Residents will be educated by their RA about food safety and will be informed just how long certain foods may be out at room temperature before they are no longer good - as a precaution when they are preparing their dish. Residents will then bring their food to share at the potluck, and will share why the dish is significant to them in terms of their heritage. There may be a portion where a speaker from the diversity center will come to speak, and/or a table cloth will be set up with varying questions on diversity. Also there will be a e-cookbook, made at the end of this event.




Feb. 19th - finish sign up sheet, flyers.
Feb. 22-24th - doorknock
March 2nd - collect sign up list
March 5-7th - shopping
March 7th - food delivery




Apartment RAs


Door knocking, flyers/ingredients list & a sign up list. Ashley - flyer. Ronnie - sign up sheet. Lucas - electronic sign up.

Program Reflection - Positive

- A casual conversation focused on meeting people, not trying to push the difficult subject of diversity.
- Good attendance
- People enjoyed it
- Easy cleanup and set up!

Program Reflection - Constructive

- More time (two weeks) and constant reminders (ehh) for residents to submit their recipes and ingredients
- Better use of online form.
- Don't wait till the last minute to cook things/distribute ingredients.

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Public note from Karla Del Rosario on Fri Mar 09 2012 at 9:39 PM

Karla  Del Rosario

I just wanted to share this email that Connor sent me for a rough outline of tomorrow :)

Hey Karla,

Here are some quick thoughts on the conversation for tomorrow. Let me know what you think. If you all want to tweak it we can definitely do that.

- "I am from..." table cloths

- Sharing about their dish and what it means to them

- Groups of three- Each person share a short special story about a time they ate this food, something that happened, etc.

- Those that feel comfortable share out

- Group discussion
Takeaways: Though we all may have brought different dishes and some may be more familiar than others, they are all different and mean different things to us due in large part to our intersectionalities (the combination of all of our identities)
Very few people make the exactly same dish as someone else, just as we don't always make our own dish the same exact way
Similar to the stories we tell, nobody has had the exact same experience and even the stories we tell change slightly over time due to new experiences, new perspectives, etc.
Just as we wouldn't say we understand a culture after sampling one dish, we also don't necessarily understand each other after just hearing one story.
Celebrating the diversity in the room means celebrating the individuals in the room and the unique blend of experiences, perspectives, and foods that they share

Connor Keese
Coordinator for Residential Education
UC Santa Cruz | College Eight
ph: 831.459.3397
fax: 831.459.5661