Current Events Trivia Cafe Night /programs/18552-current-events-trivia-cafe-night


Come see how much you've been paying attention to the World around you!

When: Thu, Jan 26, 2012 8:00 PM - Thu, Jan 26, 2012 10:00 PM PST

Where: C8 Cafe

Program Type


Intended Audience



We will be asking Trivia questions from the following categories; Politics, Production Chains, UCSC, Pop-culture and Misc. Participants will be grouped into small teams and be given time to discuss each question, hopefully getting them interested in not only winning but also in the topic or question.




Participants will group into teams of about 4 or 5. The facilitators will operate a powerpoint type program with the questions and the answers on them. After each question is asked we will give the groups approximately 1 minute to discuss and answer the question -- the facilitators will then move around the room and mark the questions either correct or incorrect. After each set of 10 questions all the groups papers will be collected and the score tallied up by the facilitators. We anticipate 3-4 sets of questions. At the beginning and end of the program we will announce that if participants are interested in receiving more information on the topics we discussed that night that they can add their email to a list we will pass around we will then email those people with avenues for deeper inquiry.




Jasmine - Projector, screen


A-frames, Facebook group, Dining Hall Banner

Program Reflection - Positive

- Find questions early
- People seem to really enjoy trivia
- The current events spin provided the opportunity for students to discuss controversial issues
- Make sure all supplies for projector (power cord, extension cord, screen, etc.) are present

Program Reflection - Constructive

- Make sure all extra steps for prizes are done (correct account code, authorization from CAO/ACAO and CRE, list of people who won prizes, etc.)
- Allow extra time for additional authorization (1 week+ in advance of shopping)
- Make sure to specify non-negotiable gift cards, if used.