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This program encourages residents to recycle for a goal. This could be a one or two quarter program, even a year long program depending on how much money you receive. I have the residents

When: Mon, Oct 17, 2011 12:13 AM - Thu, Dec 01, 2011 12:13 AM PST

Where: Bonita

Needs Assessment

As most of my residents recycle already, I decided that in most recycling programs they ask you to recycle without a goal in the end. So I decided to have a goal. Depending on how much we raise in funds from recycle would depend on the activity we do at the end of the quarter or year whichever they choose. This gives residents the choice of what they would like to do instead of a Resident Adviser telling them they will be doing it. They are adults so they can decide for themselves.

Type of program

Community Development

Learning Outcomes

Global Citizenship


I emailed all my residents on my floors and I also do knock and talks to remind them.

Program Description

No one else need just tell residents

RLT Group

Resident Assistant

Faculty or Staff Participation


Theme-Related Program


Social Justice Program


Weekend Program



Most people forget to recycle so having a place for them to be able to recycle is easier. Even going around to room to room to collect.