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Second Floor Residents of Cedritos have the option to sign up for lunch or dinner on Sunday to cook a homemade meal for their team.

When: Sun, Oct 16, 2011 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM PDT

Where: Cedritos

Needs Assessment

Residents were expressing that they missed home, home cooked meals, and were getting tired of eating on campus food.

Type of program

Community Development

Learning Outcomes

Lifelong Learning


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Program Description

The RA must provide, pots, pans, cooking utensils, serving dishes and utensils that they either purchased or borrowed.

A sign up sheet for every Sunday of the year is posted on the middle board of the second floor for students to sign up for a day (either with the cooking or cleaning crew). All participants, must chip in funds to purchase the ingredients they will be using to cook with.

Cooking will happen in the kitchen of the hall.

Limit 8-10 people per Sunday so as not to crowd the kitchen.

Keep track of what they cook. Write down the recipe and take a picture of the food. Compile all of these recipes at the end of the year to compile into a cook book for Cedritos.

RLT Group

Resident Assistant

Faculty or Staff Participation


Theme-Related Program


Social Justice Program


Weekend Program



Open it up to all floors. The first Sunday we started late and only had 3 people. The following Sunday, we had invited other floors and had about 6-8 people.

Another tip: plan meals out at least a few days before hand.